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What makes the Premier League amongst the best?

If you are a football fan then you probably know that Premier League is one of the most famous football leagues in the world, if not the best in the world. But why is that? Why is Premier League so good? 

We all know that the best football that you can see is in the Europe. The Champions League is the biggest tournament in which clubs who qualify Europe can compete; most of the clubs that participate are from top European National Leagues. 

Tradition:  Football has become a part of tradition for pretty much all Europeans. Football is pretty much like a religion in itself to most European men. Football has been around for around 150 years and all of that time it was played in Europe. Which is not strange considering that Brits have created it as a sport in late 19th century.

In Britain, football is a way of life, everyone has their favorite team, pretty much every single village has their own football team. Which in the end makes almost every single citizen of Britain a football fan. It is pretty much the same in the rest of Europe, depending on the country, with more or less intensity. 

Investment:  We all know that there is a lot of money circulating in the football. Football games are one of the most famous places for marketing. That is why many big companies pay astronomical amounts of money for their tv spot while a football game is on, or they have become a sponsor to many football teams.This helps the Premier League in their search to find the world's best players. 

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Love for the sport:  This should not come as surprise, but pretty much every man in England and Europe has a love for the game. Every child has played at least one game of football in their lifetime. That is why in England, many clubs have their own football schools for kids, because you will find the best talent in the young age and when the love for the sport itself is on the highest level.

Every father in England dreams that one day, their son will become a professional football player and that he will wear a jersey of their favorite club.