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Manchester United making a pre-season trip to Norway

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As the season is drawing closer and the hype is growing stronger, the news comes in of the Red Devils coming to Norway for a pre-season game with the hometown team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Kristiansund. Ole is, of course, excited for the game, but his hometown is going pretty crazy for the game as well, expecting Manchester United with open hands. After all, the team has many fans in the area already. The game will be taking place on Jule 30th, with the Sunday already marked on the calendars of thousands of fans expecting to see the game breathlessly.

The pre-season game will be a welcome friendly game to release the tension and enjoy the game before the Europa League starts. Manchester United is already guaranteed the group stage place. In order to avoid the headaches associated with the group stage, the team will be starting the processes towards the end of July, especially after Manchester City’s final FA Cup win over the Watford in the game that took place last weekend.

Those who are extremely excited for the game that it will be held in the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo, as per the announcement of Solksjaer’s side. This would be a prudent move, as Manchester United is bound to draw a huge crowd of fans and will need more seating than a local, hometown stadium would be able to house.

Not only that, but Manchester United’s recently promoted women’s football team will also be making their way into the Norwegian capital. Their trip is going to conclude in a game against the Valeranga women’s team the day after the Man U game is going to take place. This game will be held and the Infinity Arena.

Solskjaer believes that this game will be an extremely important game. According to him, the game will serve as a good way to prepare the team for the beginning of the new season. He believes that the game will assist them in starting the season off with momentum, and with a better chance to be able to challenge the best teams in the league in the new campaign for the championship title. And he is not wrong - it is important for a team to gather the momentum that is likely to bring them victory, with one of the ways for doing so being by playing pre-season games with respectable teams around the world.

The Manchester United pre-season friendlies are going to be numerous, and the pre-season is going to last for a long time. The first game of the pre-season will be held in Western Australia on June 13th. At that time they will be taking on Perth Glory at the Optus Stadium, before the move on to playing the Leeds United for days later. The meeting of the rivals is highly anticipated among fans, with the pre-season meeting being a good way to see how in shape Manchester United is and how prepared for the campaign they are.

After these games, Manchester United will be traveling to Shanghai. There they will be taking on Inter Milan and Tottenham on July 20th and July 25th one after another, for fixture games. The lucky people who are going to be attending the games in Shanghai are in for a great show. Finally, after facing off against the Norwegian team, Manchester United is going to travel to Wales, in order to play against AC Milan at Wales’ Principality Stadium. This game is going to be taking place on August 3rd.

With such a long stint of pre-season games, it is going to be interesting to see how Manchester United is going to be doing. The fans will get to see Man U showcase the plays that they are going to be showing off for the rest of the season, and it is going to be extremely exciting seeing them do it.