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Why selling Ozil is Madrid’s worst move ?

Success doesn’t means turning dollars at the bank into victories on the pitch. Despite being the ‘Richest football club’, Real Madrid is known for making wrong moves in the transfer Market.

Foolish Buy:

Isco’s tactical position was already well-stocked in the shape of Mesut Ozil, Luka Modric and Kaka. Thousands of people may have felt happy with Isco’s official presentation, but the move has the feel of a panic buy from Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

 Why Real Madrid shouldn’t have sold Ozil ?

 Nothing was hinting Real Madrid to sell Ozil. It’s a move that Madrid will surely realize later. It's easy to look at Ozil's assists at Madrid and assume that he played to his potential at Real but was not quite good enough. And indeed, he did give 81 assists in 157 games during his stay at the Bernabeu. Adding in his 27 goals during that time, directly contributing to 0.69 goals per game is a very respectable rate.

 Ozil has a tremendous economy; when he has the ball, he rarely makes a wrong decision. These quality are found only in a worl class palyers which includes Xavi.