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Shinawatra: no big signings yet

Shinawatra: no big signings yet

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Man City chairman Thaksin Shinawatra has revealed his three year plan to take the club to success in Europe, and unfortunately for the Citizens fans there will be no big signings this summer; despite reported interest in CSKA Moscow forward Jo and Barcelona frontman Ronaldinho.

"I have a definite plan, a strategy: the first year top 10; the second year to qualify for Europe; and the third we want to be in the top four and qualify for the Champions League," Shinawatra said in City’s matchday programme.

"We have to fit the plan. I know from what we have shown already this year that a top six spot will not be too much pressure but to break into the top four will.

"So that is when I will be prepared to spend a lot of money; to take us into the top four.

"The message is this: I will not be spending huge amounts of money this summer but next summer I will."