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Gullit's Capello warning

Gullits Capello warning

Ruud Gullit has warned England fans not to expect beautiful football from Capello as Gullit believes that Italians do not play 'for the beauty of the game'. Capello is due in London today for talks with the FA regarding the vacant England job.

"He doesn't play for the beauty of the game but to win," Gullit said.

"You don't see him laughing much - he's moody. But he knows what he wants. You have to go his way or you will get in trouble. He screams at you.

"You need to be well drilled to play for him - very disciplined - and you certainly don't fool around with him, that's for sure.

"Italians are all about looking good, defending your reputation. When you've got that you become very hard to beat. If you become that clinical, you don't even have to play well to win - that's how come they have won so many championships."