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Tevez's return to Upton Park

Tevezs return to Upton Park

West Ham defender Matthew Upson has said that Man Utd's Carlos Tevez will be expecting the welcome of a hero at Upton Park. Upson insists that Tevez will be warmly welcomed back by the supporters.

It is Tevez's first return back to Upton Park since his move to Man Utd in the summer.

"He really did single-handedly turn things around last season," Matthew Upson told the Sun.

"His performances made such an impact because he had come from not performing at all. That is quite rare.

"Carlos will get a fantastic reception. All our fans respect him for what he did and he will be welcomed back for the rest of his life, to be honest.

"I don't intend to be quite so generous as the fans and, after looking at him close up last season, I know just how tough he will be to play against."