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Spurs 'fat boys' to get into shape

Spurs fat boys to get into shape

New Tottenham fitness coach Marcos Alvarez has order the Spurs side to lose a further 50kg under Juande Ramos' orders. When Ramos arrived. it has been revealed that the squad was a combined 100kg overweight.

Alvarez said: 'When we arrived, we realised that the team was carrying excess baggage.

'I made a very simple comparison with the Sevilla team that we had been working with and, taking into account the size of the players, the team was basically 100 kilos over.

'So I immediately talked to Tottenham and we set the wheels in motion to change things. They have now lost between 40 and 50 kilos.

'Now getting the rest off is the most difficult part but we have also turned a lot of fat into muscle.'

Alvarez admitted he had been left stunned by the fatty foods Tottenham's players were feasting on under Jol's stewardship.

'The truth is, the first buffet I saw, I took photographs of it because it was very interesting,' said Alvarez.

'Lots of sauces, a lot of cakes, chocolate muffins, a box full of sweets. So we tried to put things right.'