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Lampard always honoured to play for England

Lampard always honoured to play for England

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has rejected claims he took his England place for granted, and insists he always felt honoured to wear the Three Lions shirt.

Lampard had been left out of England's starting line up for the first time in 4 years, when the midfielder had been replaced for the game against Bulgaria.

Lampard was soon back in action against Wales.

Lampard insists he is always happy to represent his country: "People like to give off the idea that players are expecting to play every game and we've never been like that," Lampard said.

"We're all professionals and driven, and our egos are only our desire to succeed individually and as a group, and we haven't quite done that for England.

"It should be competitive and I've had phases before where I've sat on the bench for England. The furore, I tried to stay away from this week and just tried to keep my head down and concentrate. I don't mind. I'm very proud to play and I'll play as long as I can contribute for England - and I feel I can do that."