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GWAG's won't travel as much as the wedding WAG's

Wives and girlfriends have always had a traditionally hard time following around their men when it comes to sports travel. Particularly when it comes to international football games, and the famous World Cup "curfew" imposed by international team managers on players during major tournaments. But spare a thought for those married to golfing superstars, who continuously battle with a jetset lifestyle.

Historically, footballers wives have always been able to be close to their husbands. With few European travels required during the season, generally the wives will stay at home with the kids. That's not quite the same for the wives' in the golfing world though; who see their other halves travel the world for major tournaments year round.

Traditionally, the golfing season on the European tour sees 45 tournaments in 25 different countries, a schedule that can match no other. One golfing wife admitted: “A lot of golfers will be staying in the pretty bad hotels, trying to make ends meet if they are struggling to make enough money to keep their playing rights for the next season, and in those instances it’s unlikely that the wives and family would be travelling.”

Nowadays the footballing wives will generally stay at home on player travels, and it is very rare for the wife to travel with the football teams on the same plane.

Wedding consultant Sue Goodchild, a designer of wedding dresses in Essex, has looked after a number of high profile golf stars as well as footballers wives. She took some time to speak to eyefootball about this hectic schedule: "Some of the wives travel with the pro's on the golf tour. But the jet set life style is not for everybody. When you see some of the husbands traveling around to 5 or 6 countries in a matter of weeks, it gets difficult for the ladies to travel.

"The traveling seems to appeal more to the footballer's wives. During the major tournaments, they'll always be there. For example the World Cup, the wives will always make the effort to travel and stay close by.

"It must be hard for them though, and I have heard that the traveling often causes some friction."