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Reo-Coker: diving killing game

Reo-Coker: diving killing game

Nigel Reo-Coker has accused playacting and diving as a threat to the long-term progress of the English game. Reo-Coker has complained that players are being booked for anything.

Reo-Coker told: "The manager (Martin O'Neill) is helping me develop as a player. He's making me think a lot more about my game. He wants me to develop my discipline, so I'm working on that.

"I'm used to getting bookings. It happens in games when you play where I play in the middle and I won't be changing my overall approach to the game. But I try to take on board what the manager is saying.

"I'll continue to be very passionate and committed but I think there are a lot more theatrical falls now and that's killing the game.

"Players are getting booked for nothing. It's not even a man's game at times. You can't really get physical any more.

"I thought football was a physical game but now, if you slightly touch a player, they go down and do 20 rolls and a back-flip to get you cautioned."