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Wenger: no Arsenal hangover

Wenger: no Arsenal hangover

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes that the club will not experience any kind of 'cup hangover' after a 4-0 drubbing to the hands of Man Utd in the FA Cup last weekend. Arsenal take on Milan in a crucial Champions League tie tonight.

'This is such a big game, such a massive task, that we can forget about Saturday,' Wenger insisted. 'Everybody is up for this game and focused on the way we want to play.'

The Arsenal boss continued: 'Sometimes you forget how good you are when you have a big disappointment. We want to continue to be guided by the way we play football more than having a reaction.

'The players will bounce back, don't worry. I'm highly confident in the quality and the mental strength of this team, and the ambition of this team. Many people have written us off from the start of the season up to now and we always responded well.'