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Bolton angry with Atletico

Bolton angry with Atletico

Bolton boss Gary Megson is angry with the actions of Atletico Madrid. The side made the unusual decision of placing Bolton's flight number and arrival time, plus the name of their hotel and training schedule on their official website.

"I don't know what anybody is trying to achieve by doing that. It's an absolute nonsense," Megson told Sky Sports News, when quizzed on the itinerary leak.

"We've never even contemplated putting any one else's itinerary on our website. It's very strange. The goings on since the result last week have been strange.

"The criticism of the referee was nonsense as well. It was called British officiating and that was the reason we beat Atletico - and yet the referee was from Denmark.

"There's been a lot going on but we just want to get over there and hopefully come back with a good result."