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Blatter wants tackle action

Blatter wants tackle action

FIFA president Sepp Blatter wants changes in the rules for malicious tackles. Martin Taylor´s career threatening tackle on Eduardo was pinpointed by Blatter.

"Dangerous tackling is one of the most important issues in football at the moment," Blatter told The Times.

"Players who do this kind of thing intentionally should be banned from the game.

"Attacking somebody is criminal, whether it happens on a football pitch or elsewhere. It is a crime and should be treated as such." Blatter also insists managers are often as much to blame as their players for rash challenges.

"The mechanism where this happens today is obvious," he continued.

"The pressure on the coach or manager to win is such that he encourages his players to go for victory at any cost.

"There is no microphone in the dressing-room, so he says, 'go, go, go'. Until when? Until the point where the referee intervenes."