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Bruce slams friendly week

Bruce slams friendly week

Wigan boss Steve Bruce has launched a scathing attack on the people who decided it was useful to have an international break during the run in to the end of the season. Bruce saw his side defeated 3-1 to Blackburn yesterday.

"The ridiculous thing is there is an international friendly game at this time of the season," said Bruce, who tried to keep a lid on his feelings about the people responsible for slotting it into the fixture list.

"Whoever thought of that is absolutely...

"Considering the importance of the games coming up half your squad - and it is all over the Premier League it must be said - are away playing stupid friendly internationals.

"What would be nice was if we got everyone together on Monday morning and decided to go to work again and try to put the things right.

"But unfortunately 10 of them are away at a crazy international game.

"I suppose we will see some of them next Friday and see how it is.

"It baffles me, it really does."