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Live Roulette vs. Live Football Betting: Comparing Two Betting Types

Live Roulette vs. Live Football Betting: Comparing Two Betting Types

Live football betting and live roulette are both extremely popular with the gambling enthusiast. Both types of betting have their pros and cons while providing the bettors with a fair share of excitement. 

Live casinos are constantly bringing innovations to the table while offering a huge level of convenience and entertainment. On the other hand, live football betting gives you a feeling like you’re in the middle of the action and every second counts. 

If you had to choose between the two, what would it be? Let’s compare the two betting types. 

Live Roulette

Online live roulette is an online game of roulette that features a live dealer. Since this is a live game, it provides enhanced interactivity, making live roulette the way to play the game online.

Players can play for free or for free money, while the interaction with a live dealer makes the entire experience more immersive.

1. Chances

Live roulette casinos use a random number generator algorithm to make the gambling outcomes autonomous and less predictable. That means that there is a great chance that the odds will work in your favor. 

Online casinos are very leaned toward the gamblers. The majority of reputable live casinos offer fair chances to help gamblers enjoy their favorite entertainment. 

On top of all that, there are different types of bets that additionally increase your chances of winning, while you can also count on free spins, rewards, bonuses, etc.

2. Rules

The rules of live roulette are extremely simple to understand. There are three options to place your bets:

On the numbers

On the colors

On the sets

Place your bet at the roulette table, choose one of the three options and hope for the best result. If you choose to bet on a set, that significantly increases your chances of winning. 

You have two alternatives here – whether the lucky number is odd or even, or betting on a range of numbers, whether they’re low or high.

3. Best Practices

While there’s no one size fits all answer, we recommend that you don’t limit yourself to only placing one bet per spin. You can significantly increase your chances of winning by making as many bets as your budget allows you to.

Just keep in mind that playing for free is for fun only while betting on real money exposes you to higher risks. Be smart about it and bet smart rather than hard. If you want to check out the range of games online casinos have to offer, play the best online live casino games in UK by ICE36.

Live Football Betting

Online casino sites are currently holding the number one position over live football betting sites when it comes to the number of visitors. However, never underestimate the popularity of football games. It’s still the number one ball game in the world, and people will never cease to bet. Live football betting is fun and exciting, without any doubt. 

1. Chances

When it comes to chances in live football betting, things look a lot different when compared to live roulette. In sports betting in football, gamblers depend on the stakes, provided by bookies. It requires them to wager against those stakes and pay some commission for it. 

In online casinos, the odds are programmed to work in favor of bettors. That’s not the case here as the odds are levied against the punter, even more so if it’s a big match in question. 

If you’re betting on the favorite team to win, this gathers more rival gambler wagers. The more the wagers, the higher the stakes. It’s all about luck and knowing the game.

2. Rules

Almost 90 percent of your success in live football betting depends on how well you know the game and the rules. It’s much easier to get started with live roulette as the rules are extremely simple. However, betting on live football requires knowledge of sports betting systems. 

Before you can place your bet, you have to take many things into consideration, such as your teams’ previous performance, how high their morale is, their home advantage, the physical conditions of each player, etc. Go here to read more about how sports betting works.

3. Best Practices

Live football betting websites, features, and options vary from match to match, and each new match determines new settings, odds, etc. The best practice would be to use your knowledge to predict those changing aspects by including all the variables. 

It all comes down to your knowledge when it comes to the odds, the match, the teams, and the players.


As you can see, the differences between the two betting types are huge. While it’s true that you can play live roulette for real money, you can also play it without spending a dime. 

Live football betting, on the other hand, is mostly for real money, while it also requires some considerable effort and knowledge from the bettor’s side. It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you like the most.