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Ballack calls on Chelsea

Ballack calls on Chelsea

Ballack calls on Chelsea

Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack has called on his teammates to ensure they get a good result at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday for the second leg of the Champions League quarter final. Chelsea are currently 2-1 down to Fenerbahce.

"We lost because we didn't play well in those two games. We went to a final and we shouldn't lose a final. It was our fault. It was not that Tottenham played fantastic football. And even against Barnsley, it was our fault," Ballack said.

"We saw it in the first leg against Fenerbahce. It was our fault. When we play our best football we can win every competition. We didn't do that in two competitions this year. Everybody knows that and it is our motivation.

"We have a strong team with a lot of experience. We know the situation when you go to a quarter-final and have to win. We have showed this many times in the past.

"I have confidence we can win the game but in the first game after 45 minutes we thought it would be an easy win, then the game changes.

"It shouldn't happen again. We will prepare well to make sure it doesn't.

"We play at home and we have a fantastic record at home. But they have nothing to lose and that makes it very dangerous."