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Kaboul hits out at Ramos

Kaboul hits out at Ramos

Kaboul hits out at Ramos

Younes Kaboul has hit out at Juande Ramos for not playing him, and admitted that he misses Martin Jol. The Tottenham defender has been linked with a summer move to Portsmouth and Lyon.

“Martin Jol was a person,” Kaboul told So Foot. “For us he was a father whereas Ramos is about tactics, final point, there is nothing.

“At training we do a lot of XI against zero and blackboard work to work on the ball.

“Ramos brought that to us, but nothing else.

“The Carling Cup win saved our season. They say we won it because Ramos arrived at the club, but it is nothing to do with him. We would have won it with Martin Jol.

“I played all the first part of the championship and since the manager changed I do not play anymore.

“I have not been told why. He does not speak. With anybody.

“Communication does not exist with him.

“It is his choice why he does not play me. I respect it, I am a professional.

“I am young, it is the first time it has happened to me in my career but I am not surprised because when you are a footballer, you have to be prepared for that, for good and bad moments.

“Ramos did not really give me my chance.

“When the player does not feel his coach’s confidence, he cannot do many things on the pitch.

“Tactically it changed a little, maybe.

“Regarding the personality, there is no comparison.

“We have had a difficult season. We score many goals but for sure we concede too much.

“More than half of the goals were from free kicks.

“So the spectators are entertained but for us it is a pain because those mistakes cost us many points.

“I learnt a lot this season. All that has happened has helped me strengthen my game but most of all my personality.

“When I arrived I proved to the coach and the club I was capable of reaching the next level.

“Then with the change of coach, I was there and ready when needed. I was defensively okay and scored goals.

“Finally I never gave up so I do not regret anything.”