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Solari eager to start for Almeria

Solari eager to start for Almeria

Solari eager to start for Almeria

New Almeria signing Solari has insisted that he has joined the ambitious Spanish club to win big next season and is no mood of complacency of what he aspires to achieve at the club.

Almeria signed last season’s top scorer in the Mexican league for Pumas UNAM as the University side finished in a respected midtable last season. The Argentine Solari was linked with a number of clubs but he decided to join Almeria since he believes that the club’s ambition and his aspirations run parallel to each other.

Solaro said at a press conference:

"I may not promise goals, but what I can pledge is work, dedication, commitment, and professionalism.

"For me it is a challenge playing with Almería and in the Spanish league, and with this I assume full responsibility."

Almeria have been busy so far in the Spanish transfer market and have been making a number of decent signings. The club seem to have made UEFA Cup qualification their prime concern next season.