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Pele wishes Maradona well

Pele wishes Maradona well

Brazilian legend Pele sounded sceptical about the appointment of Diego Maradona as coach of Argentina; and revealed that Maradona must listen to his Director of Football, Carlos Bilardo, if he is to be successful.

"I hope that everything goes well for him and that he'll be able to overcome what's happened in the past and that he'll know how to manage the Argentine players well," said a sceptical Pele.

"He has at his side an experienced manager who knows football really well.

"If Maradona listens to Bilardo he can go far. He can learn a lot if he wants to.

"But often a great player doesn't become a great coach. And sometimes players who weren't very good footballer like (Wanderlei) Luxemburgo (former Real Madrid and Brazil manager) become good managers."