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Zola backs Capello for job

Zola backs Capello for job

Zola backs Capello for job

Gianfranco Zola has announced that he believes Fabio Capello is the right man for the vacant England job. The ex Chelsea striker has praised his fellow countryman believing his experience with Real Madrid and Juventus at club level proves that he is good enough for the England job.

Capello was close to becoming the England manager before the FA plumped for Sven-Goran Eriksson, and Capello himself is also interested in taking the international job.

"I think Fabio Capello possesses the ideal pedigree to create a new era of success for England," Zola told the London Evening Standard.

"Even when Jose Mourinho was in the running I believed that Capello had even more charisma, talent and experience for a challenging job like this one.

"From my time in England I'd say that many players indicated to me that they were not sure why the national side underperformed and the conclusion I drew was that there is something of a mental block.

"Whoever the next manager of the English national team is, I think his first task will be neither technical nor tactical but instead to build confidence, a team spirit and to ensure that his players are ready to follow his leadership. More things which are perfect for a coach like Capello."