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Keegan: I'm choosing signings

Keegan: Im choosing signings

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After rumours circulated that the arrival of Dennis Wise from Leeds was specificially for the identification of new signings for Newcastle, Kevin Keegan moved to reject the claims and stated he signs his own men.

"We know what the rules are and that's the key," said Keegan in the Sunday Express. "The worst thing is if people are fetched in where you've got no say.

"What I won't allow at this club is anyone else to buy the players. I will tell them the players I want and I don't mind them going and doing the deal.

"In some ways, that's a relief for a manager, but you have to get the combination right and that's what we talked about.

"The manager must get a player in a room and look at him, and ask him why he wants to come. I'm very strong on that."