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Preview: Ghana vs Nigeria

Preview: Ghana vs Nigeria

Nigeria is looking for it's fifth successive semi-final in the tournament, but Ghana's Black Stars have the home crowd behind them and have not lost a game in this tournament. Some of the Premiership's finest African players will be preparing for today's game desperate for a passage to the semi-finals.

The Nigerians have beaten Ghana in the first round of this tournament in 2006 and in the 2002 quarterfinals. However, Nigeria has not won the title since 1994.

The winner of Sunday's quarterfinal plays the winner of Monday's game between Tunisia and Cameroon.

Berti Vogts: pressure is on Ghana

"Sunday at five o'clock we'll be playing XI against XI. It's only a game, nothing more.

"Of course we'll be trying to win. You know the situation, we've come from a long way in this tournament and this time the pressure's on Ghana."

Claude Le Roy: we can do it

"(We have) great team spirit and I believe the quality to go all the way."