Eye Football

Respect the Old Lady

Frankly speaking, don't disrespect the Old Lady, or you pay for it with... a good whooping. As Juventus proved against Monaco in the Champions League, they mean business.

As was the case with the cowardly Fc Porto, as was the case with the rude and insolent Barcelona, as was the case with an overambitious and overtly daring Monaco.

You don't come at her with flair and style and panache.

You dont try to break down her brick walls with toothpick like legs.

When you come at her you are either reslient and brave and tough or you are made to bow at her feet in holy reference.

Her build is solid, her style is spotless. her barricade is jericho solid, but you better not be walking round it and expect to break it down... because the old lady NEVER breaks down. 

She is characteristically offensive in nature. She picks your defense into bits, chews you up and spits you out.

But her most enchanting feature is her impenetrability. You can never lure her with vile seductive wiles, as Neymar came to learn the hard way, you cant alter her standards.