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African coaches discuss hopes

African coaches discuss hopes

Cameroon coach Otto Pfister and Egypt coach Hassan Shehata have both discussed their nations chances of winning the African Cup of Nations cup as the final takes place this evening at 5pm.

"After the first defeat (against Egypt) we made the changes we needed to get back in the tournament," said Cameroon coach Otto Pfister, who hinted that all the pressure was on Egypt.

"We will go into this final very relaxed. Being at this stage in a continental competition is quite something. If we win, very good, if we lose, well, it's not a drama."

But Egypt coach Hassan Shehata said: "We are champions of Africa now and we hope to still be after the final."

And Shehata is banking on the psychological edge from his side's previous victory over Cameroon leading to another victory.

"Cameroon are a big team, but we've already beaten them in this tournament and that is a good sign for us to produce a good result on Sunday," he said.

"All my players are motivated, they want to keep the title to prove that we are truly the champions of Africa."