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Curbs wants red overturned

Curbs wants red overturned

Alan Curbishley believes that referee Mark Clattenburg will have a look at the red card he gave Lee Bowyer for his apparent two footed lunge on Birmingham's Damien Johnson. West Ham boss Curbishley felt the punishment was harsh and he believes the referee will take another look at the incident.

"We have asked Mark to look at it, and we think he will," he revealed. "Hopefully he will overturn it.

"When it happened I did not think it was that serious, but on the spot, the referee sees it different.

"I think Johnson has come in and both of his feet have connected with the ball, so I don't know if Bowyer has gone above it. We will have to wait and see.

"If he is suspended, it is a bit tough and we could do with a suspension least of all with the injuries we have got."