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McFadden ready for Arsenal

McFadden ready for Arsenal

James McFadden is looking forward to Birmingham's battle with Arsenal at the weekend in the Premiership. The Blues picked up a great point at the Emirates earlier in the season and McFadden feels the Gunners have improved since selling French star Thierry Henry.

"I can't see Arsenal being down after the last two results. I hope so - but I don't think so. They are not top of the league because they are weak mentally or physically.

"I can't see it being any different to any other game. They will be looking to bounce back against us but they are top of the league and there is a reason for that.

"I am not surprised they have done so well since Thierry Henry left. I don't think they had to replace him. They've got a great team and you can see their team spirit.

"Although they've got great players, there isn't a superstar in the team and they all pull in the same direction.

"I'm not saying they didn't when Henry was there but a lot of the time the players looked for Henry for inspiration whereas I think it looks now as if they are all taking that on board themselves."