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Jewell: Derby can return

Jewell: Derby can return

Derby boss Paul Jewell has admitted that he would swap the lowest ever points tally for an immediate return to the Premiership. Derby have only managed to muster up nine points so far this season and are destined for the Championship.

He said: "Only the table will tell us that. At this moment in time Sunderland are the worst team in Premier League history because they went down with a record (low) number of points.

"Getting past that has got to be our aim. I want the players to be as embarrassed and hurt as I am at the results we are getting.

"Put it this way, if you said to me you're going to have the worst points total in the Premier League this season but you're going to come back from the Championship next season then I don't care what happens this season almost.

"I'm looking forward. It's really tough to look through the fog at the moment, it's pea soup. But the other side of it is bright.

"Next season I'm hoping I'll be sat here in a year's time talking about trying to strengthen our position near the top of the Championship.

"That's why I came here and that is the long-term goal of the club, to get in the Premier League again and be so much better than now."