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Who are Arsenal's Greatest Rivals?

Who are Arsenals Greatest Rivals?

Arsenal is one of the best football clubs in Europe. The club has consistently remained at the top of its game in the European and International football scene. 

Arsenal FC has won the Premier League thirteen times and secured the second spot nine times. The club has had heated rivalries with some of the best European football clubs. 

Some of the names on this list would not shock you because the nature and extent of these football rivalries are well-known even to the most casual of football fans.

Let us take a look at some of the greatest rivals of the Arsenal Football Club.

Tottenham Hotspurs (North London Derby)

The long-standing rivalry between Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspurs is one for the books. The two teams are based in North London (hence the name North London Derby), and it is regarded by experts and fans as one of the most vicious derbies in the world. The teams faced off against each other for the first time in 1887. The rivalry began when Arsenal FC moved its operations to North London in 1913.

Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspurs have played 188 games since their first Football League game. Arsenal has won 77 times, Tottenham 60 times, and 51 games have ended in a tie. The fans openly dislike the opposite clubs, and the Gunner and Yid fan bases are some of the most passionate and outspoken in the world of football. The two teams share one of the oldest and strongest rivalries in the history of English football.

Manchester United FC

Around the end of the 20th century, the rivalry between Manchester United FC and Arsenal FC gained momentum. Since they first met in 1894, they have played 234 matches against each other, with Manchester United leading with 97 wins. Out of 234, Arsenal has managed to win 85 games, and 52 have ended in a draw. 

Arsenal and Manchester United have mostly played in the same division since 1919. The rivalry has cooled down in the past 10 to 15 years, and the two clubs have lost their stronghold over London to Chelsea, which has emerged as worthy competition for the two clubs.  

Chelsea FC (North West London Derby)

Chelsea and Arsenal have played against each other in 202 matches. Arsenal has defeated Chelsea in 78 of these games, with Chelsea scoring the win in 65 and 59 games ending in a draw. The two clubs play in the same region, so there has always been a geographical rivalry between them.

The rivalry came to the forefront of English football when Chelsea rose in ranks in the early 2000s. The strengthening of Chelsea FC’s position in the Premier League resulted in things heating up between Chelsea and Arsenal, and Chelsea and Manchester United. The teams had to frequently battle it out for the Premier League title.

To the fans of Arsenal, Chelsea is the most hated football club. According to the fans of Chelsea, Arsenal is second to Liverpool in their hatred based on football rivalry. Regardless of the ranks in the eyes of their fans, the fact remains that Chelsea and Arsenal are great on the field and make for fascinating football matches whenever they meet. 

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