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Best Soccer Tipsters

Best Soccer Tipsters

For as long as people have been playing sports, people have been betting on them too. However, betting on anything is never an easy thing to do (and this includes football). There are lots of factors to consider, such as squad changes, suspension and injuries, managers and their preference for each game and other issues that may arise. It's a lot to take on, but fortunately, there are tipsters to help solve these problems.

These tipsters are professionals with the experience and expertise needed to advise you on the prediction sites to follow, what games to bet on, what your chances of winning are and other relevant information, all of which gives you a good chance of winning.

But with so many tipsters saturating the market and all with the claim of being the best, it is often difficult to determine who is real and who isn't. To help solve this dilemma, we have compiled a list of qualities a reliable soccer tipster should possess.

Qualities of A Reliable Soccer Tipster

 There are so many brilliant tipsters who have achieved successful tips and are enjoying their time and fame at the top. There are those too with more experience who have enjoyed consistent profits for several years. However, a tipster can only offer the best services if you are willing to have absolute trust in his judgement. But then how can you trust his judgement when you can’t tell if he is real or not?

The following characteristics are what to look out for when selecting a soccer tipster:

In-Depth Knowledge

A good tipster needs to have an in-depth knowledge of football to enable him to make the best decisions. Be wary of those who are quick to boast of their experience but have no in-depth knowledge to back up their claims. Most often, they are not as good as they claim to be.

A credible tipster will provide information on his annual profit, annual strike rate for soccer tips and annual trends. Furthermore, you will be provided with current statistics; this will include seven-days and 30-day profits.

Acceptable Stake Rate

A credible tipster should have a high strike rate, one that is acceptable too. A tipster with a 100 percent winning rate should not be taken seriously. While having a 100 percent strike rate is an incredible feat, it’s almost impossible. A reliable and credible will lose some games but will win mostly others. Tipsters with a strike rate above 90 percent should be considered.


No matter the level of professionalism and years of experience, there will always be positive and negative reviews. Be wary of tipsters who claim to have returning clients and clients who rate them high but without negative reviews. 

A reliable and credible tipster will never falsify comments and reviews to get a headway, but will rather let his reviews speak of his credibility and quality of work.


It may be difficult to determine if a tipster has inner connections or not. However, one thing you should know is that a professional tipster will never try convincing others to believe in his connections. 

Rather, he will only indicate that he is in business with the betting syndicates and the bookies; this he would do to win your confidence without trying so hard to impress you. A fraud will try convincing, emotionally blackmailing or manipulating you into believing in him. 


You may not be aware, but a lot of mathematics goes into sports prediction. Tipsters enlist the use of mathematical formulas to decrypt football betting odds. However, only a reliable tipster will reveal his sports prediction secret. A credible tipster will give details of how he predicts games. This openness will further boost your confidence in his skills and abilities.


In football, even when it seems as though the results are crystal clear, there are still no guarantees as things may change when you least expect them. A reliable soccer tipster won’t give a 100 percent guarantee of success. On the other hand, a fraud will guarantee success and will try to convince you of it.


A good and reliable tipster is one that looks and feels genuine. While it is true that looks and actions might sometimes be deceiving, with the tips shared in this article, we are confident that you have all the relevant information needed to distinguish between a genuine and professional tipster from a fraudster.

If you are searching for sure win prediction, one of the ways of ensuring this is by contacting the best soccer tipsters. With this, soccer betting will no longer be a game to pass the time but rather, game and a business to be enjoyed in more ways than one. 

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