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Platini warns Poland and Ukraine

Platini warns Poland and Ukraine

UEFA President, Michel Platini, has warned the Euro 2010 co-hosts, Ukrain and Poland that the tournament will be held elsewhere if the stadiums are not ready in time.

Platini said that he would do everything to help Poland and Ukraine to hold the tournament, though the stadium construction in the capital cities will act as the decider.

The capital cities of Warsaw and Kiev are facing infrastructure problems including roads, railways, modernisation of airports, construction of new hotels and added to it the new stadium projects.

Platini will visit the two countries this week to examine the progress being made.

"We will do everything we can to hold it in Poland and Ukraine.

"The only thing that will make me decide not to go is if there are no stadiums in the capitals of Warsaw and Kiev. If there are no stadiums, there will be no tournament."

Platini said Uefa would make a final decision at September's executive meeting in Bordeaux.