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Lampard backs Drogba

Lampard backs Drogba

Frank Lampard has backed Didier Drogba and labelled him as 'the best in the world'. Drogba was recently dropped from the Chelsea first team as part of Scolari's 'get tough policy' after a bout of poor form for the Blues.

However. Lampard feels that he still is very much a huge asset to the club.

''Hopefully he will remain a massive part of this club because he's definitely one of, if not the best, strikers in the world,'' declared Lampard. ''Didier is a very big personality and player at this club and he will take it in the right way, I'm sure.

''It's the manager's prerogative to leave players out. Every manager I've played under, and I've played under some top managers, has the right to drop someone, put them on the bench, rest them, whatever.''