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Hughes: we can sign Kaka

Hughes: we can sign Kaka

Brazilian superstar Kaka could well make a move from AC Milan to Man City, according to Mark Hughes. The Welshman is confident that the forward will join the ambitious side once he hears the big plan for the club.

Kaka is apparently in discussions with City after the Milan side accepted a reported 107 million GBP offer for the player.'

'We are all working to the same end; trying to be successful on a regular basis,'' he said. ''You do that by bringing good players to the club to supplement those we already have.

''It is not something that will happen overnight and we have to let people understand what we are trying to do and understand where this club will go in the next few years.

''Once they understand that and recognise the people driving it forward they will become excited by what we can offer.''