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Kolo Toure fails drugs test

Manchester City defender Kolo Toure has failed a random drugs test, according to a statement from his club. The Ivory Coast international failed a test for a specified substance after the Manchester derby defeat earlier in the year and has been suspended pending further investigation.

“As result of this, he has been suspended from participating in all first team and non-first team matches pending the outcome of the legal process.” The statement read.

“There will be no further comment from the football club at this stage.”

A specified substance is defined by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as “susceptible to a credible, non-doping violation” and includes various substances found in common cold remedies and dietary aids.

The 29-year-old has until Wednesday to decide if he wishes for a B sample to be taken, and if the second sample returns negative, he will be found not guilty for doping offences.

However if the second sample returns positive and he cannot offer a credible explanation, Toure could face a ban of up to two years.

Toure joined Manchester City from Arsenal in 2009 and was later joined by his brother, Yaya Toure from Barcelona.

Toure is a devout Muslim and is tee-total, and the case is being treated as a misunderstanding.

Hamilton midfielder Sam Mensing recently served a four week ban after a banned substance was found in his sample, while Sheffield United goalkeeper Paddy Kenny was given a nine month ban for testing positive for the stimulant ephedrine.

Sporting Intelligence reported in April that around 24 players have tested positive for banned substances since then Chelsea player Adrian Mutu failed a test in 2004.