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Reyes and his SAD

Reyes and his SAD

Jose Antonio Reyes claimed the rain was part of the reason for his departure last year from Arsenal. And with the summer we're having he'll be delighted with his decision to leave. More recently, Lyon have expressed an interest in the Spanish winger; and once again Reyes' agent has said "the climate could prove a problem".

Reyes himself is insistent on staying in Spain and continually reiterates his desire to stay in Spain. While at Arsenal, the club arranged for an enormous house for all of his family in Hertfordshire after he claimed he missed them. I for one struggle to understand why a player can complain about a bit of rain while you're earning more than 50 grand a week.

So, with Arsenal set to lose millions to allow Reyes an easy exit out of London; we must cast our minds back to those famous prank phone calls to Reyes where he revealed he was 'desperate' to join Real Madrid. The effort Arsenal has taken to help this player has to be admired, and it is disgusting a player like Reyes seems to be holding Arsenal to ransom after spending a fortune on scouting him and then eventually bringing him to the club.

Of course, since he has been at Real Madrid he has proved (somewhat) a success, particuarly in the game Real wrapped up the title, and so you really cannot doubt the quality of Reyes as a player. But I wonder if the reason why nobody has yet to snap up Reyes is because of his temperament? Just ask the group of Brazilians who go to ply their trade in Ukraine and Russia every year and see how they feel about the climate Mr Reyes.

Classic comments such as "Everything is shut at 5pm, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go. I just got bored" really indicate why many have little respect for Jose.

While there is little opportunity of Jose returning to Arsenal, the club will and must cash in to the best possible value after spending so much on him back in 2004.

While I respect Arsenal's policy with unhappy or unsettled players; I feel players should try harder. Reyes will undoubtedly get his way and leave the club; but I hope in the future players will at least give something a go.