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Muamba: survival more than a miracle

Fabrice Muamba's has labelled his remarkable recovery as being "more than a miracle". The Bolton midfielder collapsed during a Premier League match with Tottenham at White Hart Lane, and was effectively dead for 78 minutes.

"Some one up there was watching over me. What happened to me was really more than a miracle," said the former Arsenal player.

"That was it. Blackness, nothing. I was dead. It wasn't normal dizziness - it was a kind of surreal feeling like I was running along inside someone else's body."

Muamba revealed that after 41 minutes, he felt no pain in his chest but started seeing double, and realised that he had begun feeling dizzy.

"I had no pain whatsoever. No clutching at my chest or tightness like you see when people have heart attacks in movies. Just an odd feeling that's impossible to explain. Then I started to see double. It was almost like a dream.

"I just felt myself falling through the air and then felt two big thumps as my head hit the ground in front of me then that was it. Blackness, nothing. I was dead."