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Barcelona President Rosell could face eight years in jail

Barcelona President Rosell could face eight years in jail

The Neymar case is just the latest in the controversies involving Barcelona President Sandro Rosell and he could face up to eight years in prison for forgery and for benefiting economically from contracts to promote a friendly between Brazil and Portugal back in 2008.

Prosecutors are looking at three million euros paid to the company Ailanto Marketing Ltd, a company owned by Sandro Rosell.

Other misdemeanors of the 49 year under investigation include allegedly receiving part of funds paid to the CBF (Brazilian Football Federation) by countries from around the world for friendlies against Brazil.

The Money was laundered through companies owned by him and headquarters in USA and Andorra.Other Business dealings by Rosell are also being looked at too, which include his business dealings with ex-president CBF Ricardo Teixeira and wife, Ana Carolina Wigand Pessanha Rodrigues.

Reports in several Spanish media outlets suggest that Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is set to resign from his post at the Catalan giants. An Extraordinary General meeting had been called by the club on Thursday

Several sources in Spain including Catalonia based Mundo-Deportivo suggest that Rosell will step down.