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Lawsuit against Rosell to be dropped

Lawsuit against Rosell to be dropped

The lawsuit against former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is to be dropped. The Club member who brought the case is expected to withdraw his complaint.

La Vanguardia reveal that Jordi Cases the member who brought forward the case has accepted that the suit has accomplished its goal which was to highlight the misappropriation of funds against Rosell regarding the Neymar transfer. It is also claimed that discussions were held over the phone by Cases and Blaugrana social affairs Vice-President Jordi Cardoner and both parties did come to an agreement.

A face to face meeting will take place this week which will see that the suit is dropped. Although a few details still need to be sorted out a notice will be sent to the Spanish High courts to withdraw the complaint by the end of the week.

Once the letter is received it will be up to the judge Pablo Ruz to decide whether to press ahead with investigations or not.