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Keegan ready to approach Shearer

Keegan ready to approach Shearer

Keegan has revealed that he wishes to approach Alan Shearer about a role at Newcastle United.

He said: "I want to bring the very best to Newcastle United.

"If there is a role that Alan wants, and is right - that's the key - then I would love to have him back here. I will definitely be speaking to him."

Keegan has also insisted that he is fully capable of working with Michael dispite Owen admitting that he was scarred of Keegan.

He said: "I have heard about his book and he is entitled to his opinion and I'm looking forward to working with him."

Keegan has also revealed his desire to bring success to the club.

He added: "I know the club. I'm not saying the other managers didn't, but I know it as a player, a manager, I know what it's like in terms of what the fans want.

"I don't have to learn those things. This is a very special club, and that's what people outside this area don't understand.

"I think I'm the best qualified person to come and do this job. This club doesn't scare me. The job ahead doesn't scare me."