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Hill-Wood: FA 'out of touch'

Hill-Wood: FA out of touch

Arsenal chairman Peter-Hill Wood has labelled the FA as 'out of touch with reality' as Brian Barwick claimed Premiership clubs have a responsibility to blood through young English players into their squad. The Arsenal chairman has always been an ambassador for bringing more talent from abroad into the English game.

"It seems to me the people at the FA are out of touch with reality," Hill-Wood told the Sunday Mirror.

"I can't think why anybody would make these comments when Arsenal and many Premier League clubs are spending a lot of money on their academies.

"It is not our fault if many English players are not good enough.

"It is the same for every one of the big clubs now. We find players worldwide. Football is now global.

"It is also the same in any other industry. You go along with the trends or you suffer badly."