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Becks not surprised to be left out

Becks not surprised to be left out

David Beckham has agreed with Fabio Capello's selction, not to pick him and claimed, "It would have been unfair to be selected in the England squad."

The 32-year-old has admitted that there are a lot of Premier League players who have already played at least 15 games whereas he hasn't even played a game this year after the American Soccer League's season finished.

David Beckham has been trying hard to break into the national side by travelling to London to train with the Gunners, but unfortunately for him he did not have enough match practice.

This is not the first time he has been dropped when a new manager has come into the frame and is the second time he has been dropped by Capello (at Madrid)

"It's always disappointing when you're not included in an England squad," Beckham told Sky Sports News

"The thing is I half expected it because I know what Fabio Capello is like as a manager and if he thinks you're not fit and ready to play then you won't be in the team.

"I totally respect that and totally understand that. There are a lot of Premiership players who have played 15 games in the last two months and I haven't played a game since December - so to be called into the squad was probably unfair."

Beckham has hit back at reports saying that it was the wrong idea to train at Arsenal.

"I'd done everything I could to make myself available, I worked hard for a month with Arsenal," saidBeckham.

Beckham has not had enough match practice but responded to this argument:

"I did go to Sierra Leone and Brazil, but those trips were only four days long and for the rest of the month I was training very hard.

"It's simply down to not playing any games, the manager explained that, and I wish him and the rest of the players good luck for the first game."

"I think he's a great appointment and he's going to be good for the English game."