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Ronaldo wants Spanish future

Ronaldo wants Spanish future

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Cristiano Ronaldo has again reiterated his desire to play in the Spanish Liga at some point in his career. The Man Utd midfielder has had a sensational season but has always harboured hopes of playing in Spain.

Ronaldo said: "I am certain over my desire to play in Spain at some stage.

"But that is not significant at the moment. I love playing for United and I am very happy in England. Italy is another league that is very attractive to me."

Ronaldo also boasted that he felt he was the best in the world: "Over the nine months of the season the work you do will show who really is the best. If I am named the best in the world, it won't be a surprise to me.

"I'm 23 now and I never believed I would find myself in such a privileged position in the world of football, playing at the highest level for a club of United's standing."