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The Kaiser likes EPL idea

The Kaiser likes EPL idea

Bayern Munich chief Franz Beckenbauer believes the Premier League's idea to take the game to foreign lands is an excellent one; but warned the Premiership that going up against FIFA's ideas could cost them a chance of hosting the World Cup in 2018.

The Kaiser said: "It's a good idea that with important games such as the FA Cup final, instead of playing at Wembley play it in Beijing or in Shanghai or wherever.

"I think it's a good idea from the clubs. I realise the comment of the FIFA president - he doesn't like it so much.

"He realises these games disturb the market but it is great promotion for important games in the Premier League being played outside the country.

"The idea is not bad. But I don't know if it works. Manchester United and Arsenal have a lot of fans but how do they get to Sydney?

"It's a good idea to export your football but practically I don't know."