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Jewell: why I said no to Wigan

Jewell: why I said no to Wigan

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Derby County boss Paul Jewell has explained his decision behind choosing to move to Pride Park as opposed to rejoining his old side Wigan as the manager. Wigan in the end decided to go with Steve Bruce, and Derby and Jewell are languishing in last place in the Premiership on only nine points.

"I was tempted, because I've a lot of affinity for Wigan," he said.

"I certainly feel I could have kept them up, because Chris had made some good signings. Right now, I feel they're the best team in the bottom six, with the best individual players.

"I have to admit a lot of money was offered, but I had given my word six months ago that I had taken the club as far as I could."

He added: "For me to go back for the money would have been the totally wrong thing to do.

"I always ask players for commitment. Yeah, money is important in life - but I've honesty and pride.

"The world of football is full of people who do one thing and say another, and I didn't want to be one of them.

"So for me to have gone back six months later, it wouldn't have been for the right reasons, and it wouldn't have been right for Wigan Athletic or Paul Jewell."