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Rafa reveals owner support

Rafa reveals owner support

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has revealed he has patched up his relationship with club co-owner Tom Hicks and the pair often speak via e-mail and was happy with the performance over Italian giants Inter Milan in midweek.

"After the meeting we had then, everything was clarified and I have had the support of Tom Hicks," said Benitez.

"Almost every week - not every day, but before or after a game - he contacts me.

"He sends e-mails saying: 'Come on', 'Well done' and 'You can do it'. Very positive. I e-mail him back saying 'Thank you'.

"After Barnsley he said 'Come on, keep focused on the Champions League'. He is very supportive.

"My relationship with Tom is good and I don't have a problem.

"It was a misunderstanding before and I think he understands all the things I was telling him before."