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Chelsea: no Terry bust up

Chelsea: no Terry bust up

Chelsea have said that there was no bust up between Dutch coach Henk Ten Cate and John Terry. The pair reportedly traded insults and shoves, and was reportedly was seen by billionaire owner Roman Abramovich.

An eyewitness claimed: 'The session was supposed to put the finishing touches to the final plans for Wembley - but it just descended into a massive row.

'There was a lot of unrest among the squad because no-one knew what the team was going to be for Wembley.

'Everyone was trying to guess what was going on and in the end the frustration became too much. But the intensity of the row took everyone by surprise.

'John and Ten Cate were right in each other's faces and when it became clear that neither was going to back down, other players jumped between them to pull them apart.

'To make matters worse, Mr Abramovich was visiting the training ground and saw the whole thing.'