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Barca signs Argentine wonderkid

Barca signs Argentine wonderkid

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Mauro Icardi is the new Argentine wonderkid. Barcelona have signed the 14-year old from Vecindario football club in the Canary Islands

Icardi is a tall striker who is an Argentine born Spanish player. He spent his last five years playing in Spain scoring 400 goals.

Icardi has been compared to the great Argentine striker Gabriel Batistuta because of his fabulous strikes on goal.

He caught the attention of all the Spanish giants in no time. But it was Barcelona to step up first and sign him. Icardi is certainly happy after being signed by the Catalan club. "In the Canary Islands there are two competitive clubs, Palmas and Vecindario. However here, in Barcelona, the pressure is much greater. With the experience that I have acquired I think I can do well. When I arrived at Vecindario, I surprised everyone with my speed and power."

Barcelona already has an array of young and talented players in Messi, dos Santos and Bojan. Icardi will follow them. "My ídol is Messi. I identify myself with him. It would be a dream to play alongside him." added the young Icardi.

He was asked which footballing nation would he like to represent and he replied quickly that his love is to play for Argentina and not Spain.

He was asked if he wanted to play for any club in Argentina, he concluded "Obviously at the end of my career I would like to go to Newell's (Old Boys), because I have been a supporter of them since I was very small and I have a great fondness for them."