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It would take MUFC's David de Gea just 16h 11min to earn the average UK Salary

It would take MUFCs David de Gea just 16h 11min to earn the average UK Salary

Last week, MUFC's David de Gea has committed himself to Manchester United by signing a four-year contract extension. He is the highest paid member of the Manchester United squad, reportedly worth £350,000 a week – including an option to extend for a fifth season. 

It's no secret that the Man United players are rich as hell. But just how rich-as-hell are they?

How long does it take de Gea and the Manchester United squad to earn YOUR salary? is a fun, interactive and informative website which enables visitors to enter their salary information to see how long it would take de Gea and the rest of the MUFC squad to earn their average salary, as well as providing some Interesting insights related to player salaries.  

Simply in plug your annual earnings into the calculator, and you'll learn not only how much more de Gea, Pogba and co. make than you, but also how much they've made since you clicked on the calculator. 

For example, I left the tab open for about 10 minutes while I made a piece of toast and some coffee. When I came back, Pogba had earned $1,000. And I don't even know if he is awake yet!

it would take David de Gea:

- 16h 11min to earn the average salary for an employee in the UK  (£35,058).

- 17h 23min to earn the average salary for a US employee ($46,800)

- 19 hours to earn the average salary for an employee in Ireland (€45,000)

Other insights:

David de Gea is the highest paid goalkeeper on earth.. with a salary greater than the combined salaries of EIGHT of his team-mates. 

Lee Grant makes just £30,000 per week. Back in April, Pogba's boots from France's 2018 World Cup win were sold at auction for £30,000

Jesse Lingard makes £75,000 a week , and launched his own clothing line, appropriately labeled as 'JLINGZ'. A plain white JLINGZ physicality t-shirt is listed online at £32. Lingard makes £10,714 a day with United. So if he wanted, he could buy around 335 t-shirts from his own line a day. 
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Marcus Rashford  just signed his new contract this year, which now pays him £200,000 a week and £10,400,000 per year. According to multiple reports, the average cost of earning your degree from the University of Manchester can get to as high as £25,000. With Rashy's high annual salary, how many kids could he send to college? Well, the answer is he could cover the expenses for 416 students.

Ashley Young  makes almost triple the money of the highest paid player on the Aston Villa team (£42,000 per week).  

Juan Mata is making £160,000 per week in his current deal with Manchester United. With the average price for a home in Manchester set at £188,411, he'd be able to buy himself a new home in under nine days of work.