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Friedel wants to play on

Friedel wants to play on

Blackburn boss Brad Friedel wants to carry on playing for his club as long as possible. The American goalkeeper only recently signed a new two year deal with the club.

"Sometimes you need to be a little bit lucky but getting ready for games is just about training," Friedel told Galaxy Sport. "In it I do a lot of stretching exercises, plus I have good experience with yoga.

"I try to use the services of various physios, massages and so on. I try to be prepared the best as possible for each game, but I would not say I am different from other players.

"We are professionals and it is our job. I have signed a new two-year contract and it will expire when I am 39. If I am feeling this well then, I would be glad to carry on as I love football very much and want to play as long as possible."