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Two of the most eagerly anticipated and best football documentaries

Two of the most eagerly anticipated and best football documentaries

Behind the scenes sport documentaries have been all the rage over the last few years. Formula One’s Drive to survive is one prime example of how creative, behind the scenes content captivated the TV watching world and football is no stranger either. 

Manchester City’s ‘All or nothing’ documentaries really kick-started the craze in football and since then we have seen the likes of Leeds United, Juventus, and even Boca Juniors have followed suit. 

This style of documentary shows no signs of slowing down either as we look at one that is currently being filmed, and a couple if you haven’t seen already, are well worth a watch. 

Tottenham – All or Nothing

Amazon have taken the success of their time filming Manchester City and have now adopted the same approach with Tottenham, with the planned documentary set to harbour the same running title. 

Cameras have been following Spurs around this season with the coverage starting soon after the club reached last years Champions League final. 

It will be an enticing watch especially as things have not gone to plan for the Lilywhites this season, but perhaps one of the main reasons the documentary is sure to be a blockbuster hit is because according to some reports, the brutal sacking of Mauricio Pochettino plays a big part of the footage early on. 

After nearly six years at the club, Pochettino was unceremoniously sacked from the Spurs hotseat last November despite having guided his side to the Champions League final for the first time in their history.

The fall out from that alone will be well worth the watch as will the appointment of Jose Mourinho and ongoing difficulties the Lilywhites find themselves in this season and a chance to see behind the scenes impact the Corona Virus has had on football not just in the UK but worldwide too.

Sunderland till I die

Sunderland till I die, is not new having been released in 2018, but it is a compelling watch. Whereas Manchester City’s ‘All or Nothing’ is all about unprecedented success, Sunderland’s shows the pitfalls of a club going through the torment of relegation.

The documentary starts after the club has just been relegated from the Premier League although optimism is high for a swift return to the top-flight.

However, slog of the Championship quickly takes over and preseason expectation quickly turns to the realisation that back to back relegations is a very distinct possibility. 

There are some notable moments too such as Simon Grayson’s dismissal, the appointment of Chris Coleman and the fall out from Jack Rodwell’s astronomical wages and you get to see real life tensions as the club fights to stay in existence. 

I won’t reveal what happens come the season end in case you haven’t seen it although if you are a football fan then a quick glance at the English pyramid will tell you all you need to know about whether Sunderland managed to recover or not but if you do find yourself looking for a great watch, then this is worth investing your time in.