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Hodgson eyes Fulham stay

Hodgson eyes Fulham stay

Hodgson eyes Fulham stay

Roy Hodgson knows he must be considered a failure after his disappointing campaign for Fulham this year; but revealed that he will be looking to stay at the Cottagers regardless of the division they have to play in next year.

He said: "Any manager whose team gets relegated, irrespective of whether he has come during the season, will have to say he has failed.

"I am committed to the club and to my job, I am working hard at it and I can do no more than that.

"I signed a contract and am not the kind of guy who walks out on things so, as far as I am concerned, if they want me to stay then I will be fulfilling my contract.

"When I signed I was fully aware I was taking on a job where this could happen.

"It wasn't looking great but if I had only been interested in giving it a shot at keeping them up then I wouldn't have signed to the end of next season."